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Post Natal
Mum & Baby Classes 

Spaces available for Wednesdays and Fridays

These classes are specially designed for postnatal ladies, so I can focus specifically on exercises that will benefit your body at this important time. I am fully qualified in this area and have undergone dedicated training. The classes are always kept small.  You will be required to complete the Medical Questionnaire before attending (please see below)


Postnatal Mum & Baby Class - This class focuses on the principles of Pilates with a particular emphasis on strengthening and mobilizing the lower abdominal region and pelvic floor. This creates a muscular 'corset' for the spine and builds supporting muscles structures that help to repair your body, creating a firm central support for a fit and active lifestyle.

You are welcome to have your baby with you for this class but the exercises are for you rather than for you and your baby.
You need to have been signed off as ready to exercise by your doctor before you attend the course.

£60 for a course of 6 classes.